General Business-conditions “Holiday Apartment Family Rother"

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Dear Guests,
We would like to state the rental conditions for our holiday apartment. These rental conditions are mainly the house rules and the procedure for booking and payment. The confirmation of your booking is an acceptance by the guest (and the acceptance of his/her fellow travellers) of all terms and conditions. The rental contract is valid only after the receipt of the signed booking confirmation and the receipt of the payment on our account within the stated period of time.
Booking and Deposit: We need your Family name, Christian name and complete address as well as your e-mail address for the booking. You will receive either per e-mail or post a reservation confirmation that should be signed and sent back. The reservation confirmation has our bank details and the amount of deposit (20% of the total amount). The deposit has to be paid within 7 days on the receipt of the reservation confirmation. The outstanding amount (80%) has to be paid in cash when the keys are handed to you. In the case of short term bookings, the complete amount is to be paid in cash on the day of arrival. The handing over of the keys will take place on the day of arrival at: Laakbaum 3a, 42477 Radevormwald.
Arrival and Departure: The time of arrival should be between 15:00 and 18:00. If the arrival time is later, then you are requested to confirm this with us. You are also kindly requested to leave the holiday apartment for the next guests in a tidy state and no later than 10:00. This includes the washing of dishes, the separating and disposal of rubbish in the provided containers as well as the vacuuming of the carpets. The keys are to be returned before leaving, if necessary they are to be left on the living room table.

Washing Set: A wash set is made up of: 1 x bed linen, 1 x shower-towel, 2 x hand-towels und 1 x tea-towel per person. If a change of this set is needed during your stay then an additional charge of €10.00 per set will be included in your invoice.

The holiday apartment at Laakbaum 3a is a non-smoking apartment. Please take into consideration that most of our guests are non-smokers. Therefore, if this request is disregarded, then a renovation fee of € 500.00 can be demanded, which would be included in your invoice.

Repose Period: The apartment is in a residential area and the public repose-periods of midday, evening and Sunday-repose must be respected.
Domestic animals: Animals are not permitted.
Liability: The guest (and his/her accompanying persons) is liable to the full extent for any damage caused to the contents or/and the decoration of the holiday apartment. Furniture and furnishings are not to be removed or repositioned – even temporary – from the holiday apartment. Damaged caused to any furniture or furnishing is to be reported to the landlord as soon as possible and to be replaced as soon as possible at net cost by the quest. This can be regulated via the quest’s liability insurance. Any damage caused by force majeure is excluded. If a key is lost then the guest has to pay for the replacement of the locking system, installation of the new locking system as well as new keys.
Cancellation: It is generally possible to cancel the booking of the holiday apartment. The progressive reduction of the cancellation fee for the holiday apartment is; 1) Cancelation more than 30 days before arrival: the guest will be charged 20% of the travelling price (this corresponds with the down-payment already paid); 2) Cancelation less than 30 days before arrival: the guest will be charged 30% of the total amount. 3) Cancellation from 7 days before arrival or respectively non-arrival: the guest will be charged 100% of the rental price. After receipt of your cancellation we will attempt to re-book the apartment for the cancelled period and place this against the lost of earnings, thereby reducing the cancelation fees.
Premature Departure:: In case of a premature departure, there is no right to any reimbursement of the rental fee. We will, however, attempt to re-rent the apartment and deduct this from the paid rental fee.
Cancellation by the Landlord: The landlord has the right to cancel the contract at any given time; in such cases where it can be proved that the quest has damaged the reputation, the safety (or the esteem) of the holiday apartments, or for any other very important reason. The rental contract (even after the guest has moved into the holiday apartment) can be cancelled without regard to the period of notice. In such a case there is not right to a return of the rental-fee.
Reduction of Rental Price: Deficiency/defects are to be report to the landlord immediately. The guest must allow the landlord a period of 36 hours to remove the defects. In these cases, the guest has an obligation to cooperate and is duty bound to do everything within his power to help remove the defects and to avoid any eventual accruing damage. A belated reclamation will not be accepted and cannot be taken into account on the invoice. A short-term breakdown by public utility providers or by force majeure does not entitle the guest to a price reduction.
House Rights: Under certain circumstance it maybe necessary for the landlord to enter the holiday apartment without the knowledge of the guest. These circumstances include the right to avoid/minimize damage from fire, water damage due to broken pipes, storming damage etc.
Severability Clause: Should one or more of the rental conditions be void or invalid then these will be replaced by the legally binding paragraph which corresponds in the intention. All other rental conditions remain untouched and remain still valid.

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